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St. Jude Runs Association, Morton Tourism Association, along with the Morton Park District and the Kids' Muddy Madness Committee are pleased to announce our 5th annual...
We hope you will consider joining us for the 5th Annual Kids' Muddy Madness for St. Jude mud run. Our event is sure to be the highlight of your summer. Hopefully, all the information you need is included in this website, but if we've missed something, be sure to contact us and we'll answer any questions you might have.

We have a couple of favors to ask, if you don't mind...
First... this is a fundraiser for the kids of St. Jude so PLEASE tell everyone you know about this event! We are hoping to get 1500 AWESOME KIDS to come out and get dirty in 2016!

Second, EMAIL AND SHARE this webpage with everyone in your contact list- good news travels fast, and this is the BEST news!

Third, ask all of your family and friends to DONATE ONLINE to you so you can be the top fundraising participant!

Finally, please check out our SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES. We want to make sure that every dollar our kids raise goes directly to the kids at St. Jude! If you help us underwrite some of our needed materials or supplies, our event will be awesome and we'll raise a whole bunch of money for kids fighting cancer!



... so get ready NOW to join us in 2016


July 9th, 2016
Westwood Park, Veterans Road (off Route 150- actual address for mapping is 2232 E Veterans Rd)

Look for numerous signs directing traffic

Morton, IL
Bring your lawn chairs!

The wave times will begin at 9:30am and run every 5 minutes through 1p. Kids who register on-line in advance will be notified via email the week prior to the event letting you know when to arrive at the event and what time their wave will run.

2016 OBSTACLES-some variation may apply

The 250 yard dash will include the  "I'm at a PayFoam booth", Rod Litwiller Excavating Snake & Worm Tube Crawl, the Raisor Motos tire hop, Ackerman Farms Stairway to Heaven Straw Climb, the Moon Walk & the SA Moreland Muddy Madness Mud Pit, of course! The 1 mile course will have all of the above, plus 3-4 additional safe, sturdy & well-constructed obstacles, with several adult assistants at each obstacle and along the trail. All will end in the giant mud pit, built just for kids!

#1: Foam Booth - run through the mounds of foam soap!
# 1A: We have the "Moon Walk" inflatable obstacle- sure to defy gravity!
#2: The Tire Hop - kids will have to use their jumping skills to hop in and out of several tires! 

#3: The Worm & Snake Crawl - a series of VERY large pipes that kids will have to crawl through.

#4: Mt. Everest Wall Climb - Try out our Morton-style K2 - a wall with hand holds (& adults to help out) to climb up & over

#5: Stairway to Heaven Pyramid - Several bales of straw stacked in a stair step; kids will have to step all the way up & all the way down; 

#6: King Tut's Pyramid Climb - scale a small angled wood structure using ropes to get up and over and on to the mud pit!

#7: The Giant Mud Pit - the biggest mud hole you've ever seen, using sifted dirt (no rocks); the little kids will have to run from one end to the other; the older kids will have to crawl under the flags/tape then off to the finish line!
FYI- Our younger (2-6) runners will have their very own "Mini" mud pit!
#8: The 40ac Woods - Run .5 of a mile into the woods and loop around, up, and down before heading out to the field of obstacles. While in the woods, kids will conquer the Knotty Hill Climb (with ropes to assist), as well as the Gorilla Hill Climb (ropes to assist). (Note: There will be volunteers stationed along the wooded route area every few hundred feet and at least 2 volunteers at the obstacle. There will be approximately an 8' wide running path that will go in one direction only. There will be what we like to call a "gumdrop path" for any child that does not want to run all the way or part-way into the woods).
#9 Finally we have the "Kid Wash" spraying water to get everyone clean clean clean!
Ask your mom & dad or Grandpa & Grandma to sponsor one of our awesome obstacles today- (see Sponsorship Opps)

A special Thanks to Kristi lee Photographer & Don Pyles for being capturing all the Muddy fun!

In 2012, YOU raised $26,200.11 for the kids of St. Jude!
In 2013, YOU raised $35,732.56!
In 2014, YOU topped it at $61,085!!
In 2015, YOU raised an awesome $75,500
Our muddy kids are TOTALLY AWESOME!

Thank you to all of our sponsors that covered our expenses, so that ALL entry fees & fundraised dollars can go directly to St. Jude!
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