Non – Competitive Event Rules for All Age Groups:

1. Participants may wear shorts.  

2. Shoes covering the entire foot (not sandals) are required for all participants. You must wear shoes for the entire course, including the finish line. You will be asked to leave the course if you are not wearing both shoes. We also suggest shoes that cover the ankle as there may be genuine mud bogs (not just muddy water) that will suck your shoes right off if they are not secured.

3. You and your clothes are going to get muddy. We will have water to clean off, but please bring a clean change of clothes. Mud will get everywhere. Your race clothes will probably be ruined. Shoes too. 

4. No diving into any obstacles. Feet first only!

5. Obey the directions of race officials and volunteers on the course.

6. This is a race to each obstacle. This means that if there are any lines or backups at an obstacle, you must wait in the line until your turn. With that said, we have taken measures to eliminate the probability of lines at the obstacles. We hope we've designed the obstacles and course to avoid backups. Additionally, the obstacle officials have been trained to close any obstacles that are causing large delays or become dangerous.

7. Friends are permitted to assist each other through obstacles, as long as they are the same age and in the same age wave.

8. No hostile contact or interference with other participants.

9. No profanity or lewd behavior. There will be kids as young as 2 years old participating in the event.

10. Last, but not least, thank at least 3 volunteers for helping make this race a great time!

11. In the event of a fundraising tie, all winners will go into a drawing to see who will receive the fundraising prize!