Laser Ops Mobile Gaming

Laser Ops Mobile Gaming is providing this year's entertainment at the Kids' Muddy Madness event with their game truck! We bring the high-tech fun right to your curb or driveway! Laser Ops Mobile Gaming is Illinois' newest and most exciting video game truck. We have all the best video game titles from sports games to combat action, role-playing, and online games. Our "shooting gallery" is a one-of-a-kind adventure where players compete in games of skill. We have age-appropriate choices for everybody! Our game truck even has two Virtual Reality racing simulators where contestants can race head-to-head for the checkered flag! Laser Ops Mobile Laser Tag brings Illinois' most exciting laser tag right to your backyard, or even indoors! With our high-tech Razorback Laser Tag system, your guests will battle it out "combat style" with multiple game formats, all run by our Game Coach/Referee who instructs players and runs the fun!