Welch Systems

Our company is focused on providing efficient cash handling solutions to community financial institutions throughout Illinois and Eastern Missouri. We Make Cash Better! Maybe not the cash we carry around in our wallets, as it would be hard to make that better. However, for financial institutions, handling cash is a significant cost of doing business. Lowering the cost can make cash better for you. Currently, the branch infrastructure, operational procedures, staffing, and security requirements are all heavily influenced by traditional cash handling methods. Without transaction growth, the cost structure is unsustainable. Talk to us about how you can break the chains that cash places on your branch staff. Our solutions allow your branch to operate with unconstrained and customer – focused resources. Branches are not going away. They may not be getting busier, but they are still very important to your customer base and for attracting new customers. Branch impact - the customer experience you deliver - will continue to be the competitive edge for your financial institution. Please call us and let’s make cash better!