Volunteer Duty Descriptions

The more volunteers we have the more organized we can be and the event will be a huge success! To begin registration, simply select the button to be redirected to the Volunteer Registration Form.


Wear orange vest and direct traffic in parking lots as needed. Inform people where registration and course are located. Strictly enforce the park district’s no dog rule.


Welcome all who come to Kids Muddy Madness for St. Jude, hand out maps of the course, and check to see if a cell phone number has been written on the child’s wrist band, in case of an emergency. Provide directions to anyone needing assistance. Strictly enforce the park district’s no dog rule.

Safety & Start line Announcer

Remind kids of the rules: just for fun, not a timed race, no pushing, may need to wait their turn on obstacles. Safety is the first priority. Announce that if anyone needs help to see someone in a volunteer shirt.

Wave Announcer

This person will be in the same tent as the radio station. Announce the wave that is up to run, announce the next wave to be staged. Startline will have 3-4 wrist bands staged at all times. Work closely with the Start line crew. Throughout the event, name and thank all of our sponsors for donating to the event and to St. Jude. Mention each sponsor at least once every hour. Announce the child’s name that may have gotten separated from their parents. The volunteer from the ‘Lost Parent’ tent will notify you of such an event.

Changing Area Assistant

Direct kids and flow into changing areas, give out plastic bags for muddy clothes, and separate boys & girls.

Lost Parent Table

If a parent can not find their child, leave the family at the table, then ask the volunteer at the wave announcer table to announce the child’s name. Also, call one of the head volunteers. They will ask that the child go to the ‘Lost Parent Table’.

Fire Engine for Josh Greene

Help children safely on and off the fire engine. Allow kids a few moments to use the water hose and keep the flow moving.

Kids Wash & Hosing Station

Make sure kids wash is functioning. Hose mud from the kids. Do not give the kids the hose to use themselves. Direct them to pick up a bottle of water, meet their parents, and to the changing areas.

Finish Line-medals

Give each runner a medal, then direct kids to the water hoses and changing stations.

Unique Twist Assistant

You are responsible for the money pouch. Collect $5 per balloon as a donation. Keep kids in line for balloons. Only give money pouch to Tracey Baughman.

Foam Pit

Help kids get through foam pit. Encourage no pushing and help kids up if they fall. Keep a towel in case anyone gets the foam in their eyes. Refill the foam as needed.

Trail Spotters

Cheer kids on as they go through the trail. If there is a hill/obstacle help them if needed. If anyone needs medical attention, call the emergency number. Several members of the Morton Fire Dept will be on the trail.

Water Station on Trail

If a child looks like they need water, make them stop and take a drink. Remind them it is not a timed race. Make sure all cups are in the trash bin.

Worm Crawl (tubes)

Make sure they slow a bit while heading in the culverts; check the mats periodically to make sure they stay in place; encourage kids to crawl and take their time.

Tire Hop

Kids will need to march their legs through this obstacle. If anyone trips or falls, assist them in getting up, make sure they are ok, and keep them moving along. If a child can’t do them, have them run around them to the next obstacle.

Mt. Everest Wall Climb

Assist in getting kids over the wall. Help on front and back sides; cheer them on.

King Tut Pyramid Climb

Ask kids to use caution. They will grab the rope, walk up the plywood and step down. Assist them with the front and backside, especially when they jump down.

Stairway to Heaven (hay)

The kids will stair-step up and down; position at the beginning and end so that if anyone needs assistance you are there. Control the flow, so there aren’t too many at one time.

The Volunteer Schedule

Volunteers work 9 am to 1 pm.

Wear the bright yellow Kids' Muddy Madness shirt.

You'll receive an email the week prior to confirm your time and duties.

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